Annabel Armstrong - decorative painting
Verre Eglomisé
For a long time my passion has been working with paint and gold or silver leaf on the back side of glass, a technique popularly known as verre églomisé. Ever since I naively tried to pick up a fragile leaf of gold over 15 years ago—and watched it crumble and disintegrate into nothing in my fingers—I have been in love with this delicate medium. Getting a crazy-thin leaf of gold to adhere to the slick surface of glass is a magical process that surprises me every time.

Reverse painting and gilding has all sorts of applications for glass: mirrors, fine art, tabletops, back splashes, entire walls. These glass installations are all about reflection and light. There is an ethereal, almost ephemeral quality to them because as the light changes through the day, the artworks themselves appear to shift. They shift as you change your position in the room, or even as someone else walks through the room. It is this malleability and unpredictability that I find so intriguing.