Annabel Armstrong - decorative painting
Two hundred years of industrialization have brought us to a point where we can produce products and information at an overwhelming rate, but we often fail to create a meaningful context in which to place them.

Many people strive for an environment—a sense of place, a personal story in a way—for their lives to fit into. Decorative painting can help create that environment.

Decorative painting goes beyond the reaches of the term "faux finishing" and includes murals, ornamentation, plaster, paint effects, and verre églomisé. Decorative painters such as Annabel Armstrong draw upon this arsenal to craft environments of meaning, relevancy, beauty, and above all, harmony.

Each decorative painting project, even if steeped in the aesthetic of the past, should be fresh and original. It is this freshness which makes a room's environment feel current and relevant, facilitating a connection to one's surroundings.